Flagship Events


Nrityansh is all set to challenge your
standards and bring out the best in
your crew. Let your moves and style
spellbound the audience and the
judges this year at Ignus'16.

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Clash   of

A dream opportunity for every
semi-pro band, looking to
advance to the next stage!

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Ignus   Open

Try your hands at cubes.

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A perfect blend of freshness,style
and attitude, Ignus'16 brings to you
its gala group fashion show event Antarang. Captivate the masses
with your glamour and sizzle the
stage with your performance.

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Robo   Soccer

Control the robos to win the match.

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Let the power of your robot win.

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Cultural Events

Technical Events

To Learn as you do

Grab this amazing opportunity to learn from one of the biggest personalities in their area.

Workshops get you a hands-on experience on the latest technologies as well as you get to know the corporate culture.

Ignus Workshops